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Join Sanguine's Sickle Cell Disease Patient Community to stay informed on upcoming trials
Join Sanguine's Sickle Cell Disease Patient Community to stay informed on upcoming trials

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Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a genetic disease in which the body produces abnormal red blood cells that are shaped like a crescent or sickle. This abnormal shape blocks blood from reaching different parts of the body, which can be extremely dangerous and cause a lot of pain.

Symptoms of sickle cell disease vary and generally show up at a young age. Symptoms may include fatigue, painful swelling of the hands and/or feet, yellow eyes and skin, infections, and chest pain.

Sickle cell disease treatments do not stop the disease, but treatment usually helps manage pain, infections, and organ damage. Treatments include medications, blood transfusions, bone marrow transplant, hydroxyurea treatment, immunizations, and penicillin.

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Volunteers with sickle cell disease are needed to participate in a research study from the comfort of their own home. The goal of this research is to develop new diagnostic and treatment options for patients living with sickle cell disease by analyzing biomarkers such as genetic, environmental, and microbial factors that may influence the disease's development.


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